More Than Words

Rick & Laura Sylvester

The More Than Words® program proved to be an invaluable experience for our entire family.  Their brilliant approach integrates aspects of “everyday life” that has resulted in huge progress in our child’s ability and willingness to re-connect with us.  Learning this approach allowed us to teach other family members and now, even his sister and grandparents know how to communicate…

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Martin & Cecilia Gonzalez

We loved the More Than Words® program.  Kara and Breena are great and they teach the strategies in a way that is fun and easy to implement.  We leaned a lot from them and our daughter has improved so much.  It is such a relief and a joy to see her speech developing so well.  I would recommend this class…

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Joe & Katie Hucknall

Before More Than Words®, I was unaware that I really didn’t know how to effectively communicate with my son.  Since the class, my husband and I have completely changed our approach to communicate with our son and he has responded unbelievably well.  More Than Words® is an invaluable class and I got more out of this class that I had…

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Todd & Dayna Hoff

My husband and I were graduates of More Than Words® three years ago and in that time we have not faded in our enthusiasm for this vitally important program for families faced with children challenged by ASD.  It is by far the most helpful and hopeful experience we have had as a couple and family.  We learned where our son…

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