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Great therapists. They were the stepping stone for my daughter’s speech. She is doing great, and they were the start of it.

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The therapists at KDA are very knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and great with kids. We have been very pleased with our overall experience at Kara Dodds and Associates, Inc and look forward to continuing to work with them. I have recommended them to my friends that are seeking speech services for their children, and I would recommend them to anyone else.

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Great therapy center. I’ve experienced a few different centers. Kara Dodds is by far the best! The therapist actually care. When session is over its not just a therapist talking at the parent, basically giving them information they don’t understand. They are very helpful and open to answering questions. The receptionist is happy and friendly, and every therapist there looks…

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They get high marks for explaining insurance and billing so well. Grace is wonderful when checking in and making appointments and Cassandra handles all of my questions and billing inquiries as well. There are so many questions involved with insurance and I make it a point to know that it is my responsibility to know my insurance and what is covered or not. If I ever have questions I call and always get them answered. The most important thing is not my checkbook, but my child’s learning and care.

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We love Kara Dodds!!! My grandson has Mitzi as his speech therapist! She is AWESOME!!!!! He loves her and has learned soooo much. She adapts to what he needs on a particular day.

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Phenomenal therapists that care about your child specifically and their specific needs! LOVE Kara Dodds and their therapists!!

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I’m a parent of a special needs child who needs a lot of therapy and special medication. Money is tight and worries are high. But, I have been at Kara Dodds for 3 years now and would never look elsewhere. My therapist is so dedicated to my daughter and she loves seeing her each week. The office is busy but always friendly! I often visit with Kara directly in the waiting room as she always makes herself available to answer any of my questions immediately. This is a small company does so much for the Autism Community and for ATPF which is how I was originally referred to them.

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B. Ellson

Words will never be able to express what the therapists at Kara Dodds have done for our family. Six months ago, I brought my son Atticus in for his evaluation, with only a handful of words and a tendency to withdraw from interaction, I was desperately seeking someone…someway to help him.

Today he is like a brand new kid! He is thriving! Talking, playing, and so happy. I am so proud that he is mine, and to have Kara Dodds to thank for helping to give him the words and the will to use them.

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My son is thriving at this office. I went to another office for 3 months with limited progress. I switched to this office 6 weeks ago from a recommendation from his preschool teacher. It’s night and day now with his progress. He is now talking! The office staff is so nice, Kara is fantastic and my son loves going. I…

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LOVE THIS NEW PLACE! My son can finally get all the help he is entitled. Melaine is awesome. The Therapists are great! Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy all finally under one roof, always clean, and in Santee. THANK YOU!

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