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After taking my son to two other speech offices, I found Kara Dodds and Associates, Inc. I was looking for a place that was knowledgeable about apraxia speech.

My son received private speech for 4 months prior to switching to KDA and had made little progress. Once he was at KDA, he started progressing right away and has come a long way. The therapists at KDA are very knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and great with kids.

I have always been impressed with the detailed notes they keep from each session. They go over these notes with me during the last 5 minutes of the session. This is a chance for me to hear about his progress, things he is still working on, and goals, so that I can implement them at home as well. My son loves his therapists and is always excited to see them. The progress that my son has made with his therapists in the past year has been amazing. We have had a few occasions when he saw a few different therapists in the office (during makeup sessions), and they have also always been professional, encouraging, and good with him. My youngest son just started receiving speech therapy a month ago with a therapist new to the office, and she has impressed me right away. I think the whole staff there is amazing.
The office staff has also been very helpful in dealing with insurance. They have handled everything that has come up, and even dealt with some issues that came up during the Triwest/United Healthcare switch over. I have never had to be involved with the insurance side of things. The office staff has always made the calls and looked into things, getting them resolved quickly. One son is seen 3 times a week and my other son is seen twice a week, and the office has always been able to work with our insurance and get approval for the frequent therapy sessions. The other speech offices we went to, I had to make calls myself on occasion to get things resolved.
KDA is also great at scheduling makeup appointments in the event that we can’t make a session. They have been flexible with times and willing to work with us to make it possible for my older and younger son to be seen at the same time with different therapists so that I don’t have to drive back to the office more than needed. We have been very pleased with our overall experience at Kara Dodds, and Associates, Inc and look forward to continuing to work with them. I have recommended them to my friends that are seeking speech services for their children, and I would recommend them to anyone else.

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