Speech and Language Screenings

Early intervention services for children are critical for development.

Today, fewer than 1 in 3 kids in California receive the pediatrician-recommended screenings they need to identify possible developmental delays early.

Are you wondering if your child could benefit from therapy?

Call us today and our therapists will schedule a free screening where we will conduct some basic scales to determine if your child warrants a full evaluation and/or they are right on track with development!

Free Teacher In-Services with Kara

Kara Dodds M.S., CCC-SLP offers free teacher in-services and together with her team perform approximately 2,500 free preschool screenings for children throughout San Diego County per year through a grant from the Autism Tree Project Foundation.

Screenings are an invaluable service for the community, preschools, and families as it is the cornerstone to determine if communication development.  If you, or your child’s school would like to participate in the teacher in-services and school wide screenings call us today.

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