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What does a Speech Language Pathologist do?

A Speech Language Pathologist – also referred to as a “Speech Therapist” -provides evaluations and remediation of a variety of disorders and/or delays affecting a child’s communication.

Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluations

Our standardized assessments include analysis of current levels of abilities in the areas of expressive, receptive, pragmatic, and speech intelligibility for your child.  We also assess social skills and how your child uses initiation, joint attention, and play.  Parent input and reports as well as other professional reports are also considered in assessments as another “key to the puzzle” as our therapists outline current ability levels.  Once our evaluations are complete, a full report with recommendation and goals will be given to the parent.

Speech and Language Screenings

Within 15 minutes, our therapists can conduct basic developmental scales to determine if a full speech and language evaluation is warranted or needed.  At Kara Dodds and Associates, we conduct approximately 2500 screenings a year to preschoolers so we know what to look for! Speech and language screenings are free and are recommended for children 18 mos. – 7 years of age. Call Alisa today at 619-692-0622 to make an appointment.

Social Skills Groups

Some children are ready to practice their newly learned skills in small groups with peers so that generalization occurs from individual therapy.  We offer small group therapy sessions providing social skills instruction that will improve how your child uses social skills, understands pragmatic language, and learns to function within a group setting so that they are ready for real life situations.

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

A child’s life consists of “occupations” or daily activities.  These activities include playing, learning, socializing, and tasks of daily living such as eating and dressing.  Occupational therapists help children to become more independent and improve their skills with cognition, and develop a child’s physical and emotional health.  The goal is to enhance self-esteem, academic skills, social and behavior skills, and to promote positive and safe play skills.

We provide the highest level of occupational therapy services to children in need including diagnostic and therapy services. 

When would a family come to speech or occupational therapy?

A family would see a Speech Therapist or an Occupational Therapist if they have concerns for their child’s speech or motor system development.  A referral is first typically made by their Primary Care Physical and/or an early intervention provider.  Parents too can call directly for an evaluation if concerned.  During an assessment a therapist will address parent’s concerns while evaluating the child for current developmental milestones while completing an assessment.  Following the evaluation, the Speech or Occupational Therapist will determine whether or not the child will need ongoing services.

How are these services delivered?

Services tend to be scheduled on weekly appointments in a 1:1 setting and can be home or clinic based .

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Great therapist! Seeing progress with my child after only 2 months. The therapist really get into detail about each session. They are so great about giving suggestions and listening to parent concerns.

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