Monique S., M.A., SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist - Part Time

Monique attended San Diego State University for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. As a therapist, she loves seeing clients progress and make gains in their speech and language abilities. There is no better feeling than seeing a client who had difficulty communicating improve their skills while reducing their frustration level. For Monique, developing a relationship and rapport with children with Autism is one of the most unbelievable feelings! She can honestly say, she loves what she does and the career path she chose.  Outside of the KDA center, Monique loves to dance, travel and spend time with family and friends.

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Before Kara Dodds, my son received speech services with Rady's. I normally have great things to say about Rady's, but the way speech was set up (short 25 minute appointments once a week) just didn't work for us. Since switching to Kara Dodds, my son has made incredible progress.

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Strength and Power Training for Children with Poor Coordination!

By Veronica Glen, PT, DPT (

When Physical Therapists see a clumsy or uncoordinated child, one of the first thoughts we think is “That kid can use some balance training!” or “They could benefit from functional activity practice!” What current evidence based research is finding is that strength and power training can be just as helpful if not MORE helpful than functional movement training!

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