The philosophy of the San Diego Cooperative Preschool, located in Mission Hills, is that children learn through a play-based program planned by highly skilled staff who are educated in the field of child development.  The philosophy sees the child as an individual continually developing at their own rate in all areas including physical, social-emotional, cognitive and creative domains.  A child’s family is seen as an integral part of the program as they participate in all areas of the program.

As of a part of the early intervention screening program through ATPF, Kara Dodds and Associates provides free speech and language screenings to the Unitarian Cooperative Preschool annually since 2013 to help identify children who may need additional support services as they prepare for Kindergarten.

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Before Kara Dodds, my son received speech services else where. The way speech was set up just didn't work for us (short 25 minute appointments once a week). Since switching to Kara Dodds, my son has made incredible progress.

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Strength and Power Training for Children with Poor Coordination!

By Veronica Glen, PT, DPT (

When Physical Therapists see a clumsy or uncoordinated child, one of the first thoughts we think is “That kid can use some balance training!” or “They could benefit from functional activity practice!” What current evidence based research is finding is that strength and power training can be just as helpful if not MORE helpful than functional movement training!

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