Stress Relief for Parents

Reducing stress is a key component to the well-being of your family.  We know that parenting a little one on the autism spectrum can be challenging.  You work extra hard at facilitating the work your child is doing, and it can be stressful not knowing how your loving efforts are being received.

As parents, it’s important to know that you are loved too.  So we at Kara Dodds & Associates have put together a small list of things you can do to love yourself, so you can be there for your little ones.

  1. Don’t neglect the basics.  Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking water?

  2. Talk to other adults from time to time. Having someone to talk to where you can say what’s true for you and how you are feeling can help a great deal.

  3. Spending some quality time just on you. Do you have an interest that’s been back burnered? Maybe you can read about it, or carve out fifteen minutes a week to connect to your passion.

  4. Resolve to stop blaming yourself for routine growing pains.

  5. Trust your intuition about how to best love yourself and your family.

  6. Take a bath, not a shower
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