Speaking About Apraxia

Children are naturally disposed to learning, but when natural processes are interrupted, a little help is needed for a child to develop their full potential.  It is a pleasure to play a role in the development of stronger bonds that are built between parents and children as they work toward better communication.  Helping children acquire the skills they need to effectively communicate with their families and peers is very rewarding.

Learning to speak is a difficult task. What seems effortless to those without a speech impairment is an incredibly complex set of skills to learn.  It helps to become aware of what may be in the way.

Behavioral difficulties, challenges with attention, and less obvious conditions like poor sleep, allergies, or poor diet can make it difficult for a child to attend to the learning opportunities available to them.  With family support, these obstacles can be minimized.

It’s very important to build successes slowly and celebrate each one.  As a child’s efforts are successful, the satisfaction and confidence that results can be be truly transformational.  Frustrations at not being misunderstood melt away.  A person is seen where before they may have been viewed with worry and concern.  Assisting in this process is an amazing gift.

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