Celebrating Our 1 Year Milestone

As a society, we’ve come a long way towards understanding the need for paying close attention to the development of our children, and intervening when natural processes aren’t unfolding the way they should.

ASHA recently reported that, ‘Many toddlers diagnosed with ASD who receive early intervention can attend regular kindergarten, cutting annual education costs by $10,000 per child, according to Autism Navigator.  The Autism Society of the United States says that early intervention can reduce the cost of care by 67%.”

The role that speech and language pathologists play in these interventions can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

These costs are not just in dollars, but in the intangible gifts of everyday life.  Coming to terms with the fact that your child may be differently abled than their peers can be challenging.  We appreciate the trust that our families have placed in us as facilitators of their children’s growth and development.

We’d like to say thank you, and let’s keep going!

There’s a lot of work, but also an enormous amount of joy and gratification involved.  Our Santee location just celebrated a year in business!  We enjoy being a part of this community, and we’re looking forward to being here when you need us in the years to come.

If you know a family that would benefit from an early intervention screening, please have them call at 619 692 0622

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