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Celebrating Our 1 Year Milestone

As a society, we’ve come a long way towards understanding the need for paying close attention to the development of our children, and intervening when natural processes aren’t unfolding the way they should.

ASHA recently reported that, ‘Many toddlers diagnosed with ASD who receive early intervention can attend regular kindergarten, cutting annual education costs by $10,000 per child, according to Autism Navigator. The Autism Society of the United States says that early intervention can reduce the cost of care by 67%.”

The role that  speech and language pathologists play in these interventions can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Kara Dodds Summer Camp Social Skills 2016

Summer Camp 2016

Social Skills & Language

Making and keeping friends doesn’t always come easily, but social skills can be learned though modeling, guided play, and practice! Come join our dynamic and creative camp lead by two of our Speech-Language Pathologists.

For kids ages: 4-6 or 7-9:  Should be verbal and have the ability to work in small groups

pdfTo learn more about Summer Camp Dates & Cost download flyer

Stress Relief for Parents

Reducing stress is a key component to the well-being of your family. We know that parenting a little one on the autism spectrum can be challenging. You work extra hard at facilitating the work your child is doing, and it can be stressful not knowing how your loving efforts are being received.

At Kara Dodds & Associates, that’s cause for celebration! We partner with some of the best organizations in San Diego to provide services to our children, and to show our appreciation, we’d like to recognize their efforts.

Happy Holidays From Kara Dodds & Associates

Pediatric Therapy Center

Have concerns about your child’s gross motor development? Here is a list of some important gross motor milestones that occur between birth and 6 years of age. If your child seems to be behind in their motor development or if you concerns about their quality of movement, our pediatric physical therapists are here to help!

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Watching the documentary brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell up. Words will never be able to express what the therapists at Kara dodds have done for our family.

Six months ago, I brought my son Atticus in for his evaluation, with only a handful of words and a tendancy to withdraw from interaction, I was desperately seeking someone...someway to help him.

Today he is like a brand new kid! He is thriving! Talking, playing, and so happy. I am so proud that he is mine, and to have kara dodds to thank for helping to give him the words and the will to use them.

B. Ellson

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Strength and Power Training for Children with Poor Coordination!

By Veronica Glen, PT, DPT (http://www.thesandiegopediatricpt.com/2017/01/strength-and-power-training-for-kiddos.html)

When Physical Therapists see a clumsy or uncoordinated child, one of the first thoughts we think is “That kid can use some balance training!” or “They could benefit from functional activity practice!” What current evidence based research is finding is that strength and power training can be just as helpful if not MORE helpful than functional movement training!

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