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kara dodds

Hi. I’m Kara Dodds.

A Speech-Language Pathologist, a mom of three girls, a mentor to many, a community non-profit volunteer, and the founder of Kara Dodds and Associates.  I created this practice in 2001 to support each and every child to have the quality of life experiences they deserve by cultivating hope, modeling inspiration, and always learning.  Advocacy is the core of what I do every day as we help families navigate complex health services for their child to break down those walls holding them in to support their successes and growth!

Early on in my career, I realized this work was my mission and that I am tailor made to help children with developmental and special needs.  I found understanding with where these children were and where I needed to take them to succeed.  Through an intense commitment to make positive change, I found I needed to create a individualized personal approach as each child has their own journey.

Through working in the educational system, to the hospital system, to early intervention in homes, to the outpatient arena, I found that as a speech pathologist I could make a difference that would last a life time. As an owner, I found I could create a positive environment booming with creative clinicians who have the same passion as I do for the work they do and that I could mentor others to continue this life mission of mine to positively impact even more children in our communities.

For these reasons, I created Kara Dodds and Associates where we specialize in Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for children and young adults with three locations across San Diego, Santee, and in Coronado, CA.
Thank you for stopping by and I’m so glad that you are here.

kara dodds
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