Handwriting with Our Occupational Therapists

At Kara Dodds and Associates, we recognize the importance of handwriting to school success.  With the age of technology upon us, handwriting is still important to a child’s development.  Our Occupational therapists use multisensory instruction supporting different learning styles making it fun and easy to teach children by providing effective, efficient methods and activities to teach handwriting. 

 What Areas Assessed For Handwriting?

When a child is experiencing handwriting difficulties, the Occupational therapists will need to assess the level of functioning in the following areas:

  • Visual Motor Integration (e.g. neural function, transferring what is seen into motor expression)
  • Visual Perception (e.g. discrimination between letters and words, spacing between letters, placing letters on line, writing using margins appropriately, letter and number reversal
  • Cognition (e.g. memory, language, learning difficulties, spelling, reasoning)
  • Sensory Processing difficulties that may interfere with posture and attention impacting visual or proprioception and its effects on handwriting

Programs We Offer

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum is a program providing excellent materials for children to learn to write while drawing from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies to teach writing for children. The program follows research that demonstrates children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning.

Why The Programs Work

At Kara Dodds and Associates, our Occupational Therapists teach effectively with ease and joy through teaching in happier ways for children to master handwriting while implementing the Handwriting Without Tears®. The result truly is with children learning to write and write without tears! 

What Is Included In The Handwriting Without Tears Program?    

Our therapists design an individual program for each child that follows the curriculum outlined by Handwriting Without Tears allowing our therapists to teach in a fun, innovating and creative manner along a proven hierarchy of improvement.  Below are examples of program designs.

Teaching Strategies

Unique strategies that appeal to all


Workbook Design

Clean and simple

workbook design

Teaching Order

From print to cursive

teaching order

Letter Style

Promotiong the easiest style

letter style

Line Success

Double lines and other lines



“handwriting is a foundational skill that can influence student’s reading, writing, language and critical thinking"

(Saperstein Associates, 2012)

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Great therapists. They were the stepping stone for my daughter's speech. She is doing great, and they were the start of it.


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