We are a military family and have lived in 3 States in the past 4 years.  As we moved around we have experienced other Speech and language companies, and now have a better perspective on the services we received while living  in San Diego.

Kara Dodds is a hard working knowledgeable professional who is always teaching and learning about her profession.  Her staff are well trained, and up to date on the most current modalities and therapies.  My daughter has severe Autism and apraxia and these two diagnosis make it very difficult to get any speech from her. At Kara Dodds and Associates they were able to get the most speech output from her to date, and it was no easy task.  Thank you Kara for all of your hard work and dedication to our kiddos!



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Physical Therapy: An Enormously Beneficial Tool for Children With Down Syndrome!

Down Syndrome (DS) is a genetic disorder caused by one too many copies of chromosome 21. This extra copy changes the typical way the brain and body develop. As a result, individuals with Down Syndrome can face both physical and mental challenges from birth onward, such as delayed developmental milestones. Other possible challenges include:

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